How much do you charge?

Syncplete Media wants to change the industry standard for webdesign. In a tough economy, having a website and a strong online presence is necessary. But likewise, in a tough economy, you don’t want to commit to something you don’t know how much it is going to cost. We offer our EVERYTHING for a flat price of $500 the first year. Every following year will be $120 for hosting and updating.

How is it that you are so much cheaper than the industry?

We are able to charge $500 because we are not a huge company. We are a home based business. No office rent and few mouths to feed means savings are passed down to you.

What services do you offer?

For $500, we offer a two hour consultation (includes an interview, photographs of business, and watching how your business runs), webdesign, domain name registration, domain name email, Facebook fan page, synced Twitter account, and a post consultation where we teach you how to make changes and update your customers.

Do you do custom coding?

We do not program or do custom coding

Who is ideal for your service?

Local small businesses in the Raleigh area are ideal for our services. If you always wanted to have a website but been afraid to give it a try because of uncertain cost, this is for you. If you would like our services but not in Raleigh, we can still take on your project but you would have to provide information we cannot obtain. 

What are some limitations?

Because we are a smaller company, we cannot provide robust coding that some companies provide for thousands of dollars. We have numerous professional templates we can customize further. For a small business, you will be more than happy.