Syncplete Media

Did you know that 78.2% of the US population uses the internet?
That’s 313 million people! If your business is not on the web, you’re missing out.
It’s no wonder marketing has changed over to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Have you heard of Coca-Cola, Disney, MTV, Starbucks? Of course you have! and so has the 30million fans that are following them. So how can you make your business look like these?
Make your business Synclplete. Syncplete media offers an all in one hassle free package. We’ll design your website, register your domain name, host it on our server, we’ll make you a facebook fan page, and sync your Tiwtter account. Update your customers with a click of a button, even through your mobile phone!
Sounds good? it gets even better. We offer this start up package for a low price of $500. It is completely hassle free, just sit back while we launch your business on the web. What are you waiting for? Can your business afford NOT to be on the web?

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